My vision for a United Conservative Voting Block!!

by Jewboy Feldman

The only way we can stop the Obama World Insanity and the unending attack on our Constitution and Political Process, like congress representing the voters, not the special interests who feed at the mighty pork barrel, the attack on religious freedom with the replacement being secular Socialism, the attacks on our free market economy as government burdens the “Employed Class” with the cost of false social promises of like Obamacare, immigration reform and our children’s education being replaced with Common Core, is we need to VOTE AS ONE HUGE BLOCK – Republicans, Fiscal Conservatives, Libertarians, Reagan Democrats, all Americans who now see what hope and change is, Tea Party members and followers, people who just believe that government is too large and moving too fast  in controlling every aspect of our lives, what we eat drink smoke, where we can live work thrive, what we can think say believe.

We are under attack by Globalists (instead of America First), by Immigration reformers (instead of border securer’s), by Environmentalists who over regulate all Americans on every level, who tax and spend their way to election victories, who want us unarmed, in line and towing the progressive socialist line.

False equality, false justice ends up as Real Socialism!

We need to vote our way out of this train wreck, together, as one!

On to November 2014      We the People!!!!