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Month: January, 2014

Obama Claims Islamic Anti-Semitism Is Only Decades Old… | Weasel Zippers

Obama Claims Islamic Anti-Semitism Is Only Decades Old… | Weasel Zippers.


John “The Fool” Kerry -Leading us into a world war with Islam

 The world is on fire. Everywhere I look I see fire, bombings, be-headings, mutilations, in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Nigeria Afghanistan, Murder in Kenya, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia, Sweden, England, Lebanon and don’t forget Boston!

The Russians and Putin act tough while our State Department cow tows to Iran signing a treaty that gives Iran total freedom. Iran, the biggest known supporter of terrorism in the world,

How do we forget the WTC attacks, not just 2001 but 1993? How do we so quickly forget the decades of hi-jackings, bus and restaurant bombings? How do we forget?

This administration has done the following policy actions:

1. Supported the Muslim Brotherhood. the granddaddy of al Qaeda, el Fatah, The P.L.O./P.L.A., Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the list goes on but Obama, H.Clinton, John Brennan, rhymes with Chuck Hagel and Kerry wanted open negotiations and a treaty with these terrorists.

2. They undermined the governments of Libya, Egypt and Syria to be replaced by Islamic “rebels” bent on the destruction of Israel and America.

3. Negotiated and signed agreement with Iran – enough said.

4. Has tacitly supported Islamist Radical take overs in Nigeria, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Libya, Tunisia, Mali, etc.

5. They have turned their back and snubbed Israel, giving these terrorists a feeling of winning like never before.

In 5 years America’s stature and strength has been reduced to sideman with the EU and backing off the war on terror as if there wasn’t one. Obama and Kerry looked like Neville Chamberlain waving a treaty in the air, one that led to the deaths of over 10 million in less than 10 years.

We seem to be heading down that road again. With Obama at the helm, Kerry calling the shots. WE are in big trouble.

We need to vote as one huge BLOCK in 2014, to stop this national suicide!

The Jewboy

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