It’s not about the website!!!!! It’s REPEAL it due to the questionable intent of ObamaCare

I want any Liberal Demo Utopian or Pro-National Healthcare proponent to explain to me why they believe ObamaCare is better for any working person, who will be paying the bill for non-payers, Medicaid. This law cuts payments to doctors and hospitals, which directly reduces the care quality and access and then raises the insurance costs to the consumer of the insurance coverage

And at the same time, ObamaCare is driving more money to insurance companies by mandating “coverage for all” as law! Now the insurance companies don’t have to absorb any cuts in revenue and show no loss in profit, unlike the medical offices and health care facilities, but they have a clear $ gain and also look to rake in billions more dollars in government forced health care.

So O’s friends in the insurance industry are looking at a cash windfall! It was the insurance industry that needed to be fixed. They were the ones fixing costs and denying coverage based on their own business standards. The decisions should have been between the doctor and patient, not these insurance companies and now government bureaucrats. But ObamaCare forced them to cancels cost efficient plans, to prop up the ACA costs.

And another bad consequence of having passed this law, ObamaCare, it has limited market competition so prices all go to the fabricated “best cost criteria” of the ACA and now the cost for the health coverage will never go back down to where it was before ObamaCare, for the people already paying for health insurance coverage and have all along.Image