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Month: November, 2013

Clinton Hack wins Governor of Virginia with $ help from Obama Donor.

This is the reason why conservatives, republicans, tea party activists, libertarians, independents need to focus together to not allow an old Clinton hack to win anything ever again. We talk about stopping the cronyism, the career politicians, the bought and sold by lobbyists, the partisan pro government hacks!!! Yet look, it happened again! They won. WAKE THE F UP!!!!!!!! The libertarian candidate was bankrolled by an Obama donor, WTF??? That 140,000 votes that the libertarian pulled from the conservative candidate, would have meant a victory for small government and stop Obamacare and would have stopped the Clinton-ite in his tracks. I am disgusted! Now we have to listen the the referendum song from the lying, cheating, socialist propaganda machine. Great job people!



The Jewboy Journal – It’s not about the web site and it’s not just about ObamaCare

The media narrative and the political criticism all seems to be focusing on a bad web site, the type of bad web sites we have all been on numerous times since the advent of AOL, Windows 95 and Mac! Now while the website is a very good example of and reflects this administration’s incompetence in management, their continued bad judgement and their lack of truthfulness it’s not the real problem with ObamaCare. Even left journalists and democrats are distancing themselves from the A.C.A. website! The elections are coming.

Was this a known and intentional failure to set up the American people? What if the Republicans, the conservative bloggers, the Tea Party movement, the pro-economic growth voices, the doctors and nurses and small businessmen were not screaming about the impending ObamaCare disaster, just started it up without the People’s oversight? What if the shutdown had not happened and the law was never looked at critically and the delays until March 2014 of the IRS fines/taxes were not implemented? Would they just let the chips fall where they may with millions losing insurance and costs tripling in most cases? The roll out was a lie as it was. They never told the People what was coming. Mitt Romney said that if Obama just looked at the Massachusetts Health Law, as O used to campaign on, he would have seen the millions losing coverage!!! They knew all of this since 2010 at least and lied and danced around the truth by simply calling the Republicans and conservative names to stem the critical tide!

But the real issue here is the A.C.A. in totality, it’s intent and effect on America. I have little confidence in the current administration’s ability to view a problem, almost any problem, and come up with the right solution and approach, that will actually benefit the American people and the economy. But folks, this law in not about health care or making healthcare affordable or anything to do with medical services, it’s clearly a institutional way of impacting our liberty, freedom and choices in life style and culture.

The intent thus far with the Obama Administration has been paying back campaign contributors, dividing society, or at least using economics, race, religion to separate the people into easily controlled groups, promoting “green energy” by supporting companies that eventually failed and we lost billions, gay marriage, expanding abortion, poor or evil foreign policy, all attained through carefully created rhetoric and propaganda. Never solving our economic and unemployment issues. NO answers on Benghazi, NO answers on the collusion between the IRS and the Federal Election Commission and the clear voter and political opinion suppression. NO answers on the domestic spying by the NSA. They send money, weapons, NATO support to the Muslim Brotherhood right in our faces and they continue to support “rebels” and terrorists. How can I put my faith in this group of statists? Big government doesn’t work historically!

Does anyone really think that Obama did not lie about this law and it’s eventual impact? Well how about the Cronyism?? Former Obama Chief of Staff and mouthpiece, Rav Emanuel’s brother, a doctor, wrote the law . Michelle’s friend from Princeton built the web site. Michelle and her friend belonged to a campus group that invited anti-Israel speakers and gave a voice to sharia on campus. The Obama Administration spent 700 million dollars on close friends and associates for a mega failure and then hired a 1 million dollar campaign contributor to fix it.

A.C.A. issues include higher costs, penalties implemented by the IRS, panels of bureaucrats making health care decisions for families and individuals, but NOT the doctor, taxes the middle class and the young to fiance care of illegal immigrants and the unemployed, the threat of potential home inspections by IRS agents that are like DYFS inspections, insurance cancellations across the country and then the people are told to go to and shop for policies that are 3 times the cost with the highest deductibles many of us have ever seen in our lifetimes.

The Republicans quit too soon on the shutdown and the defunding of this horrid law. We need to stop this train now. We only have until March 2014. Let’s get to it!!!!!

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