Political Pressure drove Benghazi bad choices

It was the election cycle and the administration had professed and implied it could fix the relationship with Islam. Not people but the philosophy that has driven terror everywhere. So to prove that they succeeded they played down security issues and reduced the military presence in Libya even after arming the Muslim Brotherhood and getting NATO air support to bring down the Libyan dictator.

With Libya in chaos, and other countries pulling their diplomatic people the administration sent the Ambassador and his crew to either negotiate a missing weapons return, as some have reported, or to monitor the progress of supporting “rebels”. Then the State Department reduced the manpower again and refused numerous requests from different agencies to send security support. They did not. The “rebels” knew this and they planned their terror attack knowing they had O and Hillary in their pocket, as they were defending the “rebels” and their supposed cause of “democracy”, which turned out to be a Muslim Brotherhood take over, supported by this administration.

In their blind drive for power and with a sick sense of who the “rebels” were, or a deep support of Muslim goals in the region, they clearly, with the election around the corner and Romney seemingly making headway in the polls, they lied, covered up the facts, spun the truth and hid the survivors, misled the people and the media.

This would normally be called treason as the administration did not defend Americans. They let them die even though they had alternatives.
How can they have any credibility with the world, who knows the truth, much less we here in the USA. They should resign and save us from the impeachment process.

But they won’t. Hillary and Bill held on for the pension during their impeachment and I expect more of the same from Hillary and O!